Rosemary Dream: Empowerment Center in Brazil

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From now on, I’m going to write every second article in English as I love to connect with people from all over the world and I am aware automatic Google Translation (French to English) is not that good haha.

Today I want to talk you about my experience in an Empowerment Center in Brazil called Rosemary Dream where I stayed in January this year for a weak.

Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you.

Why did I choose this place to stay?

To be honest, I was at first simply looking for a place to stay offering vegan breakfasts as I read a lot of testimonials saying it was difficult to be vegan in Brazil. By the way, I made a video about this topic, feel free to watch it 🙂
So I ended up finding this place offering vegan breakfasts but not only

What’s Rosemary Dream about?

Rosemary Dream is an Empowerment Centre that offers accommodation (dormitories, private rooms or even flying tents), healthy and natural food (with a lot of vegan options) and last but not least various activities such as yoga, creative meditation, tantra, capoeira, silent hicks, fasting etc. All this located in an idyllic place, Florianopolis Island in Brazil.

Praia de Galheta – About 30 minutes hiking from the Center

About the program

There are two options:
1 – You can either participate in Rosemary Dream program on a daily basis, just as I did and choose to join an activity on the spot. The schedule is set on a weekly basis which is great as you can plan your week and combine Rosemary Dream experience with your own plans. For example, I would attend a yoga class in the morning, and then I would visit the island and the magical beaches.

2 – The other one is to take part into one of the Rosemary Dream programs that lasts from one entire day to a whole month. It depends on the time you have to commit and what’s happening during your venue. This must be something, and I would love to come back to undertake such a challenging and thrilling life-changing experience. Don’t hesitate to check their website to learn more about Heart Attack programs.

My personal experience

As I told you before, I opted for the first option as for practical reasons. I wanted to take advantage of the intense Rosemary Dream program and visit the island. I would for sure include one activity in my days such as yoga (btw I did the most beautiful and touching yoga session there), creative meditation, capoeira and a dinner dance party (without a single drop of alcohol).

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 234412 (1)

My best souvenir

What I will remember for sure is a yoga session I did on a mirador with a view of the sea. Beyond the magnificent landscape, it was a yoga class in duo and trio. Something I had never experienced before. I was in a group with two women I did not know before, but it didn’t matter. We shared so much love, high energies and compassion through this practice that I simply wish you’ll have the opportunity to experience something similar.

The meetings

Not only I met such lovely beings that were travelling and with whom I shared some of the Rosemary Dream experience, but the staff was sooo welcoming and friendly! Most of the people working there are volunteers, and I read on the website that it is possible to apply as a video maker, context creator or a receptionist
this might be an excellent option for you if you wish to join the Rosemary Dream experience but are on a budget.

That’s it! I think I pretty much summed up everything. I hope you liked this article, If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments so I can answer them 🙂

Sending love and positivity,


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