Vegan restaurants in São Paulo

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As promised in the video I made about São Paulo and vegan food there, I’ll share with you more details about vegan restaurants I ate.

A quick note to say that São Paulo is the paradise for vegan travellers, maybe because It’s the largest city in South America. Not only you will find numerous plant-based options, but these are quite cheap compared to France and Eastern European countries (and by extent the US, Australia, New Zealand…).

Aslo, don’t be surprised that almost all my recommendations are (unlimited) buffets. This is a typical Brazilian thing to eat in restaurants that offer buffets, especially for lunch. I loooved this concept because you can get so much food for such a low price! Though long-term, you’d better have good portion control, as it’s not about veggies cooked in water 😀 Last but not least, the great thing with buffets is that you do not have to wait for your food, which is highly appreciated haha.

Let’s get started!

Vegan Pop Food

Located R. Fernando de Albuquerque, 142/144 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP, 01309-030

A great option if you fancy simple food and are on a budget. I pay about 15 reals (4 euros) for an illimited buffet. The buffet is composed of beans, rice, salad, cream cheese pasta and some traditional Brazilian dishes.

Check the full menu on their website!


Located Av. Prof. Alfonso Bovero, 382 – Sumaré, São Paulo – SP, 01254-000

Did you know that food in Congo is naturally plant-based? This lovely vegan restaurant provide an amazing service (yes they speak French!). There are only four main courses on the menu, which for me is a guarantee of freshness and quality of ingredients. I chose Ngombe which is platane Gnocchi with tomato paste and mushrooms. Tasted delicious but as the portion was relatively small compared to the illimited buffets I got used to, I was still hungry at the end of the meal. And guess what? A member of the staff offered me a second portion for free. This was lovely and very appreciated. I paid about 40 reals (10 euros) for a starter and the main course.

The rest of their menu also looks very tasty!

O vegetariano São Paulo

Located R. Dr. Rafael de Barros, 40 – Paraíso, São Paulo – SP, 04003-040

Called “vegetarian” but almost half (if not more) of the food is vegan and labelled. I loved this place because of its excellent location on Avenida Paulista – main street and economic heart São Paulo – and also because of its friendly atmosphere. I mostly ate Asian food there such as eggplant, tofu, roasted veggies with garlic and soy dressing. They also offer raw food.

This time, the buffet wasn’t illimited, it was about 38 reals (9 euros the kilogramme), and I think that is pretty much the money I spend on a huge plate!

Check their website if you want to know more!

Venezinha Café São Paulo

Located Av. Paulista, 486 – Loja 48 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01310-000

A great option if you are travelling with non-vegan friends because this place provides vegan, vegetarian and food for meat eaters. I chose to try traditional Brazilian dishes that usually contain meat; they substitute it with soya. One of them was feijoada (black beans, rice, vegetables and textured vegetable protein) and the other farofa (fried cassava semolina). For the desert, I had an exquisite coconut vegan cake; it makes me salivate just to talk to you about it haha. I paid about 30 reals (7 euros) for a menu including a drink, the main course and the desert. The only thing I wasn’t happy about is that they serve beverages in a plastic glasses, and I believe, as a restaurant, they can avoid this waste and go green.

Their Facebook page

Loving Hut São Paulo

Located 243, R. França Pinto – Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP, 04016-031

And the best for the end! #allvegan #illimitedbuffet #hugechoice

I couldn’t have dreamed for better! As you can see in the picture, I opted for a bit of everything: vegan meatballs, veggies, sushi…ate it all and I went to get a refill, it was so good. I paid about 30 reals (7 euros) for this feast. I can only highly recommend this place.

Check their website for more details!

That’s it. I hope this article will help you if you are passing by São Paulo and want to treat you.

One last note, I do not eat like this on a daily basis…holidays you know 🙂

Hope to see you soon,


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  1. Bon. Tu sais qu’il n’en faut pas plus pour me convaincre de partir m’installer un moment au Brésil ? Ca fait longtemps que ce pays me fait de l’oeil, je note précieusement Sao Paulo sur ma liste des destinations cools où poser ses bagages !


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