22 things I learned in 22 years

Hi there, I am so happy to be back on the blog just one month following my 23-birthday (that I got to spend in New Zealand) to share with you 22 things I learned in 22 years. I made a similar post one last year for my 22-birthday and I loved this self-reflexion exercice. So here we go with my reflexions from this year:

  • You know nothing but it’s okay to believe in something: there are hundreds of theories on what’s the healthiest lifestyle, the best education, not even talking religious wise. Even if you acknowledge the truth might not be the same for everyone, it’s okay to have convictions but always keep an open-mind and be tolerant.
  • It’s my responsibility to create my own happiness. I know what makes me happy so let’s add this moments in my daily routine: yoga practice, cooking, journaling, talking to my mum over the phone, meeting up with my buddies, gratitude list, travelling, sleeping 😀 And the list goes on!
  • We are all the same but DIFFERENT! What works for me might not work for everyone: food, diet or work wise. We all have different backgrounds, physical and mental conditions, environments that it all vary so everyone has to find what’s the best for them!!
  • You can make the best use of this digital age (which also means you can make the worst). Many people may say there is less social interaction and find a lot of down sides to it which can be true at some point yet I personally met some of my best friends on the internet and also get so much inspiration and knowledge from it.
  • People don’t follow their own advice. Some people say it’s normal and I believe in some extent it is but I also think that if you want to inspire people to do things, the best way is to demonstrate and show it works.
Janvier 2019, Itacaré, Brésil
  • The best thing you can do on a daily basis is to support your friends, family and people in general. Reminded by the kiwi prime ministers Jacinda Ardern when she came to visit one of the high school I am working in Christchurch.
  • Beauty is plural. Beauty is energy. Beauty is a feeling you have about someone else when they are thriving. Beauty is taking care of your physical envelope and your mental health. There is no definition to beauty. Just the one you choose to give it to.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies (organic when possible). Make sure to add them at some point to your diet. There is nothing as nutritious and more replenishing than consuming them. Consider them under their all forms and shapes and make it tasty. E.i smoothies, soups, cold-pressed juice, roasted veggies, raw etc.
  • Exercise for your health and your well-being. Think long term. It makes the difference.
  • You don’t have to justify every time you go out (or take a story) without makeup, unshaved. Your body = no rules and definitely no necessity to be consistent whatsoever.
  • It’s okay not have an opinion on everything and not to know in general. Yet keep an open mind. ‘Critical mind’ is something you learn at school. ‘Open mind’ is something you learn by yourself.
  • It’s not my responsibility to dispense advice to anyone that talks to you. You can simply listen with an open heart.
  • The 21th century is a crazy age when freedom is defined by how far you can travel from ‘home’ whereas some people would just give everything out to be reunited with their family and friends on a daily basis.
  • Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.– Mary Schmich, “Wear Sunscreen”
  • Some people already have done the job of putting words together so don’t be afraid to quote them when you relate to their preach. Don’t be afraid to say to others humans you like what they do as well and spread love.
Mars 2019, Christchurch, Nouvelle-ZĂ©lande
  • You can make every situation win-win. Use your brain to find how.
  • Humans are social animals. Spending time alone is good and beneficial until you feel it’s enough for now. Don’t let the anxiety stop you from going outside and meeting, sharing and bonding with other humans. They are some good people out there!
  • It’s not a shame to be on Tinder. It’s a place where you publicly admit than you are looking for some(one). It’s also your right to say you are not interested if that’s the case.
  • Contradictions are part of being human: I sometimes like to go out and dance and other nights just chilling with my better self, a book and candles.
  • Competition is not a bad thing if you think life as game. I have to get into details for this one: I honestly thought exactly the contrary not so long ago. But then, I started teaching as a French assistant in two high school in New Zealand and realised how competition was motivating, especially the youngest ones (12 years old). You might think ‘okay but they had the time to be brainwashed at this age’. Maybe. Maybe not.
Août 2018, Toulon, France
  • Limiting beliefs are only: l i m i t i n g   b e l i e f s. You can overpass them. And positive affirmations are a great tool for that. Suggested mantras:

I am capable to take actions, now.

I am grateful for the present moment and I also work towards the life of my dreams.

I am worthy to live the life of my dreams and thrive.

I am inspired and inspiring.

You might want to create yours as well 🙂

  • Accept all your emotions but keep them in motion. Creating and nourishing a tool box of things that help me accept, process and understand my emotions is something I found sooooo helpful. This includes among others: yoga, breathing, massages, emotional freedom technique, scribing, cleaning (I am sure you didn’t expect this one haha but when I organise my room I clear my mind. At least that’s how it feels lol).

Well thank you so much for reading me. I really appreciate. If you can relate to one of these advice please feel free to share it in the comments. Cheers and write to you soon 🙂


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