Learn French with mindful videos

Dear, you,

I see you.
You want to learn French.
You don’t know where to start.
Well, you are reading this article which is a great first step.
French is a complex language, but you can do it.
Try to have fun in the process thought.

What if you tried another way to learn a language? Thanks to Youtube videos for instance…

In this article, I will introduce you to 5 French mindful YouTubers that have not only a great pronunciation but that also share such interesting and uplifting content around personal development, online business, travels, spirituality and healthy lifestyle in general.

Heloise Monchablon – Easy Blush

I was lucky enough to meet Heloise twice and can tell her good vibes online and in real life. She is so beautiful inside and out. Her content is various. It goes from personal development to natural and organic makeup, as long with recipes and life experiences…lifestyle in a world 😉
What I also appreciate is that she produces slow content. What I mean is that the anything she creates is powered by her heart and not by pressure or obligation. You can feel it.

It goes without saying that the tone of her voice (so much serenity) and pronunciation will make it easy for you if you have an intermediary or advanced level. If you are just starting to learn French, – I think that if you share the area of interest, which includes spirituality, travels and a healthy lifestyle in general -, it might be worth the challenge. You might not understand everything in the first video but I’m pretty sure it will get better over the weeks.

Emilio Abril

Are you keen on online business, digital nomads life or/and you want to become an entrepreneur? Then’s Emilio Abril’s videos are for you. He has got 3 Youtube channel:

  • Vert Feuille: talks about healthy food habits and food you should eat to optimise your health. Emilio is vegan.
  • Emilio Abril: is about diverse topics such as personal development, online business, super humans (a concept initiated by himself which consists of optimising humans performance with habits and consistency) and overall how to become the best version of yourself.
  • Biziness Hacker is focused on entrepreneur life. Emilio gives lots of advice on online business and how to become a digital nomad.

Same as for Heloise, he’s French is very clear and his pronunciation amazing. The vocabulary used is simple and he goes straight to the point. He uses some slang words sometimes. Thus, it gives you an overview of the way the youth speak in French-speaking countries.

Emilie Anne

Do you fancy travel diaries and personal development? Then Emilie Anne‘s channel is for you! It contains so much inspiration and shows you that you don’t have to fit in a box to bloom and expand. That you can change your mind, your job, your location…and start all over again anytime! The motto of Emilie Anne’s ‘Time to bloom‘ and she certainly encourages you to become the best version of yourself. She even has a whole playlist dedicated to it.

Besides the positive vibes Emilie’s (Anne is actually her second name) she shares along with her videos, her French is very clear and dynamic. She might speak a bit faster than the other Youtubers presented in this blog post yet that’s a great training if you want to experience how French people talk in real life (as they speak quite fast in general.) Listen, listen and you will end up by understanding 🙂

Ferdinand Richter

Want free coaching to turn your dreams into reality? Well, Ferdinand Richter is here to provide you advice to live a better life. He’s a certified coach and he bases his method on understand human’s cycles just like the the nature. Check him out he speaks relatively slow and his content is so valuable.

Melodie – The Green Harmonia

And to finish with…why not following my Youtube channel hahaha? To be very honest, oral speaking was not my strength a couple of year back. I used to mumble and not finish my sentences. I have improved so much over the time. And I am sure YouTube helped a lot because I was able to hear me and realise that sometimes I struggled to understand myself and hence why I put a lot of attention to speak clearly. If you still want to hear me and be accountable for my progress, feel free to check out my latest video about my trip to Brazil:

Well, that’s it! Thank you so much for reading me and I really hope this blog post will help you to learn French and become more mindful at the same time 😉 Sounds great isn’t it? So #letssartfrench with #thegreenharmonia

Namastey dears,


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