Goodbye to the Old, welcome to the New

2019 you have been intense and more life-changing I could have ever imagined!

It started the year with my sister in Brazil in the most dreamy island Boipeba.

Boipeba Island – Brazil

I then went back to Paris to study and took my final exams while getting ready for my upcoming adventure in New Zealand – in other words moving out from my flat in Paris and packing up for one year (with the help of some amazing friends).

I also visited my family in Poland and the French Riviera to say goodbye and I arrived in New Zealand at the end of January to start my new job, my end of studies’ internship and to write my masters thesis.

Poland with my grandpa

While this might be pictured like the dream life with so many travels and adventures – and I was convinced it was – it appeared to be way too much for my dear human envelop.

The thing is I started binging when I returned from Brazil and it only got worse and worse when I arrived in New Zealand. 

When I say binging I mean eating disproportionate amounts of food when I wasn’t hungry on the the top of a balanced meal. Like if it was my task and I couldn’t not stop thinking about it until it was done.

From there I started questioning myself on the reasons that might have led there. I just couldn’t understand WHY this was happening when I had all I wanted in life and everything was going for the best.

Almost one year after and with another perspective I now understand that I am an not unlimited and you are not either if you’re still reading me 😉 

The best is the enemy of the good

It makes sense that it was just too much. We are just humans. Not computers. And even machines need some power and battery to work. In a society that encourages and rewards you for being busy, I had to take the responsibility to press « stop » and face the reality of a tangible health issue.

I am not blaming the past, I am just learning from it for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t repeat it but I wouldn’t change it if I could. 

Today, December 2020 I couldn’t give a full recipe of my healing journey. What I remember though is that I focused on slowing it down, taking it easy, do not compensating with some intense exercise or dieting and loving myself unconditionally. It was hard sometimes, easier some days. It was a long, a very long process. And know that I still carry these patterns within me.

Trust you timing

But today I consider myself as healed. I do not binge anymore and I THANK God for that. I still see coaches and counsellors to help me let go of what’s left of this pattern. The way I dealt with my body image and relationship during an eating disorder phase is a whole other topic and I will probably talk about it in another blogpost.

So here I am saying goodbye to the Old and welcoming the New. I welcome a balanced life where healthy and active lifestyle (loads of yoga, running, hikes, travels, good sleep, yummy and feel good food) , social life (friends and fam are life!) and work (starting my new job in Brussels Feb 1st) collide and that make space for some…TIME OFF 😀 Welcome 2020 !

Enjoy all the colours of the rainbow

As I end this blog post, I just wanted you to know to know if you’re you suffering of eating disorders that there is a way out. Speak out and seek for help. There is nothing to be ashamed about as everyone has their demons. Please never give up!

And if you are someone who’s not personally affected I am glad you red this article anyway as this is still a tabou topic that needs more awareness.

Finally, I wanted to aknowledge all the beautiful souls – places – landscapes – moments – cafĂ©s – countries – achievements – challenges that still made 2019 the BEST year of my life.

Namast’hey friends,



Best yoga studios in Paris

Hi there,

Are looking for the best yoga studio in the city of love but don’t know where to start with? Then this article is for you 😉

To be completely honest with you before I start getting into the subject, I had an unlimited pass that allowed me to test a lot of the yoga studios in Paris. Since there are sooo many, I didn’t test them all, but I did experience a good amount of them. In this blog post, I will only share the ones I did enjoy the most. Last note with a little disclaimer, this is my based on my own experience indeed the reviews are personal 🙂

YUJ Yoga Studio

Yuj Yoga Studio 1er

My favourite. Cosy and beautiful studio. Excellent teachers. You even are served tea before and after you practice to settle down, relax, or bond with other yogis. You can rent a towel and a mat for 2 euros. Shampoo, body lotion, soap, hair band and deodorant are all furnished. However, it’s non-vegan nor natural, just as a disclaimer.

The particularity of the studio

They use infrared light that heat the room up to 25 degrees. It helps to prevent injuries, gain in flexibility and detoxify the body since you sweat quite a lot! The yoga classes are dispensed with a motivating and inspiring playlist which makes yoga more fun and more enjoyable for your friends that still believe yoga is boring.

Teachers recommendation

If you have the opportunity, go practice with Alex Avila for a dynamic and funky class (told in French and English), with Manon for a challenging yet soft class, or Carole for a soft yin class.


There are 3 YUJ yoga studios all over Paris, one in the 7th arrondissement, one in the 17th arrondissement and one in the 1st arrondissement.

Plus +

The staff is so kind and will help you to find a yoga class that is suitable for you (and I am not saying so because I worked there at the desk at some point haha while I was still in Paris). They also sell their own ethical yoga brand YUJ yoga if you want to purchase a new yoga outfit and try it you can do it before or after your yoga class.

Minus –

Probably the fact that the hair-care and beauty products they offer for you to use are neither natural nor vegan although the brand is ethical. So you might want to bring yours!

Yoga Tigre Club

Shooting in La Défense with Stéphanie

The most known, I believe. The approach of yoga is quite traditional yoga in high-end facilities. Everything is included in the price: yoga mat, towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc
) Great if you plan to go out just after haha!

The particularity of the studio

Yoga Tigre Club offers a variety of yoga practice, from Iyengar to Ashtanga Mysore, even Kundalini or Yoga Nidra. So if you are used to a particular style, you’ll find it for sure. Or maybe even try a new type of yoga? Up to you 😀

Teachers recommendation

I recommend Cyril for Ashtanga Mysore. Then I found Iyengar was maybe not my type so I wouldn’t recommend this class but if you are used to it, please go for it!


There are Yoga Tigre Club located all over Paris. Really. I was used to going to Yoga Tigre Club Chaillot but you might consider to go to another one.

Plus +

My favourite vegan café of all times Wild and the Moon is located in the studio. They have the best acai bowls I have ever had. They also same Lululemon yoga clothes so you can have a look at the outfits if you arrive early for a yoga class (what would probably never happen in Paris lol).

Minus –

I found that the staff wasn’t particularly welcoming, especially for my first venue. And when I was asking questions, I felt like I was bothering them. Not so friendly and talkative indeed but that’s perhaps a strategy to let silence in before the practice lol!

Chez Simone

Upside down yay!

I love this one! Not only for yoga but for the good vibes and the cosy atmosphere of this Parisian apartment. You read well it’s not a casual yoga studio but a flat where you can move, eat and nurture your happiness with high energies. They also have a burning ballet class that I deeply enjoyed and boxing and HIT if you are keen to try something different.

The particularity of the studio

The mindset. I know the co-founder, the blogger Aurelia alias @jesuisbonne and she’s all about moving and eating well, but also to be indulgent with yourself to live a fulfilled and balanced life overall. I also feel once you step in Chez Simone apartment, you’re a part of a community so it is may additionally be a good way to make some friends with common interests.

Teachers recommendation

I loved the Olivia for the burning ballet classes and also for yoga. I saw there is also candle yoga on Friday night that I would have loved to try but I ran out of time.


The “apartment” is located 226 Rue Saint-Denis.

Plus +

They have a cafĂ© inside the “apartment” and there is always something vegan on the menu! Also, all is included in the price you don’t have to worry about the mat, the towel or the beauty care (shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser) that also appeared to be ethical and cruelty-free! Yay 🙂

Minus –

Maybe the fact, that there are not that many classes. But that’s not the price to pay to keep the concept small and have a cosy and friendly atmosphere, I guess. So you just have to organize yourself accordingly and cope with it.

That’s it! I hope this article will give you some clues to find the yoga studio that suits you. If you to step in one of these please let me know 🙂


With my yoga teacher friend Manon 🙂


10 habitudes pour se faire du bien

« C’est dans vos moments de dĂ©cision que votre destin se façonne.» Tony Robbins

Bien que cet article soit en continuitĂ© avec la rentrĂ©e de septembre, je pense que les conseils bien-ĂȘtre dispensĂ©s ci-dessous peuvent s’appliquer Ă  n’importe quel moment de l’annĂ©e, en prenant toujours le soin de respecter ton propre rythme. Sans plus tarder, je te partage avec joie les 10 habitudes…

Manger plus végétal

Parce que la nourriture vĂ©gĂ©talienne est aujourd’hui recommandĂ©e de nombreuses organisations planĂ©taires de santĂ©, tu peux sans crainte rajouter plus de vĂ©gĂ©taux Ă  tes repas au long de la journĂ©e. Ça peut commencer par un fruit le matin, puis des quelques feuilles d’épinard dans ton riz le midi, des noix au goĂ»ter et des protĂ©ines vĂ©gĂ©tales le soir, avec cette recette du houmous par exemple. Tu te sentiras plus lĂ©ger.e, mais tout autant rassasiĂ©.e !


Faire un sport qu’on aime

Ce point me tient particuliĂšrement Ă  cƓur. L’activitĂ© physique est importante, ça coule de source. En faire un moment de plaisir, c’est encore mieux. J’ai longtemps fait de la musculation en salle de sport parce que c’était Ă  la mode et pour avoir ce fameux booty que te vendent les nanas sur Instagram et YouTube. Et ce n’est pas dramatique du tout, ça arrive Ă  tout le monde de s’égarer 😉 Aujourd’hui je pratique la danse, le yoga, du renforcement musculaire, de la course Ă  pied et tout genre du sport qui me met en joie et contribue Ă  mon bien-ĂȘtre intĂ©rieur et extĂ©rieur.


Boire suffisamment

On l’oublie souvent, surtout lorsque les jours se refroidissent. Mais s’hydrater est primordial pour une bonne digestion, une belle peau et une bonne Ă©nergie tout au long de la journĂ©e. Avoir une gourde Ă  proximité au quotidien peut faciliter le rĂ©flexe de boire frĂ©quemment. Une Ă©tude affirme qu’une des causes majeures de la fatigue serait le manque d’eau. À toi de jouer maintenant pour y remĂ©dier !

S’accorder des moments pour soi

Avec l’automne qui invite Ă  l’introspection et Ă  prendre du temps pour soi, s’accorder quelques moments off peut faire beaucoup de bien. Ça peut ĂȘtre un automassage du visage avec de l’huile vĂ©gĂ©tale, une lecture avant de se coucher, un Ă©pisode de ta chaĂźne Youtube prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©, un matcha latte chez Wild and The Moon
toutes les idĂ©es sont bonnes. Tant qu’elles te font du bien, Ă  toi.



Les bienfaits de la mĂ©ditation sont innombrables et ont Ă©tĂ© prouvĂ©s scientifiquement. Dans notre sociĂ©tĂ© Ă  2000 Ă  l’heure, la mĂ©ditation permet de mieux se concentrer, dormir, et mieux vivre en gĂ©nĂ©ral. Elle nous invite Ă  nous recentrer sur le moment prĂ©sent, prendre du recul sur nos petits soucis du quotidien et apporte une sensation de bien-ĂȘtre et d’accalmie. Je pratique personnellement la mĂ©ditation Jyoti, qui m’apporte Ă©normĂ©ment. Je te dĂ©cris la mĂ©thode de A Ă  Z dans cette vidĂ©o.

Comme le dit bien ma prof de mĂ©ditation, ce n’est pas notre vie qui change quand on mĂ©dite, c’est nos rĂ©actions envers la vie. Nos rĂ©actions influencent nos choix et nos choix dĂ©terminent notre destin…

Tester des nouvelles recettes

Il n’y a rien de mieux que de savoir Ă©veiller ses papilles avec ses deux mains en testant des nouveautĂ©s. De savoir se faire des petits plats rassasiant et bons pour la santĂ©. Pour cela, direction la cuisine pour se challenger un peu.

Cela n’a bien Ă©videmment pas besoin d’ĂȘtre compliquĂ©, et si tu n’as vraiment pas le temps, choisir l’option veggie au restaurant d’entreprise ou universitaire peut aussi faire l’affaire.

Pour les plus courageux, je mets cette vidéo ici :

Aller à des événements inspirants

Il y a tant d’Ă©vĂ©nements (gratuits) sur des sujets divers et variĂ©s que ce serait dommage de ne pas en profiter. Facebook te propose de trier les Ă©vĂ©nements en fonction de tes centres d’intĂ©rĂȘts dans une zone gĂ©ographique donnĂ©e, et il y a moyen de trouver des pĂ©pites ! Une rubrique events est par ailleurs Ă  venir sur mon blog, dans laquelle je souhaiterais publier ma sĂ©lection d’Ă©vĂ©nements Ă  impact positif et abordables. Pour le moment, j’en parle notamment sur Instagram.

Apprendre quelque chose de nouveau

Il peut s’agir d’une langue Ă©trangĂšre (en ce moment pour moi il s’agit du portugais), de l’implĂ©mentation d’un nouvel outil d’organisation (Trello, Monday ou Slack) ou encore de l’Ă©coute d’un podcast sur un thĂšme qui te passionne. Les possibilitĂ©s sont infinies, mais encore une fois, au bout du compte, l’idĂ©e est de prendre du plaisir 🙂


Faire des rencontres

Partager du temps avec des gens qu’on aime ou faire des recontres est essentiel pour s’Ă©panouir dans sa vie personnelle ou professionnelle. Sylvie Mouchenik, naturopathe Ă  Paris, rappelait lors de son dernier atelier Ă  quel point les relations sociales sont importantes et contribuent Ă  une hygiĂšne de vie saine autant que l’alimentation ou le sommeil.

RĂȘver grand !

Pour une fois, vois les choses en grand et imagine. Il y a trÚs peu de choses qui sont réellement compliquées à réaliser, la plupart prennent du temps, du travail et de la détermination, mais arrivent à qui veut bien se préparer à les accueillir.

The_green_harmonia (1).png

Merci d’avoir lu cet article jusqu’au bout ! À mon tour, je suis curieuse de savoir quelles sont tes petites habitudes quotidiennes qui contribuent Ă  une vie plus Ă©panouie ?

N’hĂ©site pas Ă  partager cela dans les commentaires,



Retrouvailles avec la danse

La danse. Un fin mĂ©lange d’art et d’exercice physique. Un moyen de libre expression. Une antidote pour le stress. Un moment suspendu. Un outil pour se dĂ©passer psychologiquement (pour la mĂ©moire) et physiquement (pour le cardio). Un instant de pleine conscience et de prĂ©sence. VoilĂ  ce qu’évoque la danse pour moi.

La danse. Un fin mĂ©lange d’art et d’exercice physique. Un moyen de libre expression. Une antidote pour le stress. Un moment suspendu. Un outil pour se dĂ©passer psychologiquement (pour la mĂ©moire) et physiquement (pour le cardio). Un instant de pleine conscience et de prĂ©sence. VoilĂ  ce qu’évoque la danse pour moi. Continuer Ă  lire … « Retrouvailles avec la danse »

À la dĂ©couverte des daybreakers Paris

daybreaker_parisJ’ai eu la chance de participer rĂ©cemment Ă  une Ă©dition du daybreakers Paris. J’ai adorĂ© et je suis heureuse de partager cette expĂ©rience avec toi dans cet article.


Se lever Ă  7h du matin pour faire la fĂȘte ? Et bien oui, c’est possible. C’est un concept qui vient tout droit des États-Unis, et qui est aujourd’hui prĂ©sent dans 22 villes dans le monde. J’ai testĂ© le 18 mai dernier. RĂ©veil Ă  5h30 pour me prĂ©parer. 6h dans le mĂ©tro en direction Le Dernier Étage, pour une vue culminant sur tout Paris. Au programme, musique Ă©lectro house, rythmĂ©e par des percussions et trompettes jazz, le mĂ©lange qu’on adore !

Continuer Ă  lire … « Ă€ la dĂ©couverte des daybreakers Paris »

Recontre avec Deepak Chopra : Impressions


Dans ce billet de blog je vais te parler de ma rencontre avec Deepak Chopra lors de la masterclass qu’il organisait Ă  Paris dimanche dernier. Je tiens Ă  remercier Article 1, l’association pour l’égalitĂ© des chances dont je fais partie, qui m’a donnĂ© l’opportunitĂ© de participer Ă  cette masterclass. Continuer Ă  lire … « Recontre avec Deepak Chopra : Impressions »

Rosemary Dream: Empowerment Center in Brazil

Hi there,

From now on, I’m going to write every second article in English as I love to connect with people from all over the world and I am aware automatic Google Translation (French to English) is not that good haha.

Today I want to talk you about my experience in an Empowerment Center in Brazil called Rosemary Dream where I stayed in January this year for a weak. Continuer Ă  lire … « Rosemary Dream: Empowerment Center in Brazil »