Best yoga studios in Paris

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Are looking for the best yoga studio in the city of love but don’t know where to start with? Then this article is for you 😉

To be completely honest with you before I start getting into the subject, I had an unlimited pass that allowed me to test a lot of the yoga studios in Paris. Since there are sooo many, I didn’t test them all, but I did experience a good amount of them. In this blog post, I will only share the ones I did enjoy the most. Last note with a little disclaimer, this is my based on my own experience indeed the reviews are personal 🙂

YUJ Yoga Studio

Yuj Yoga Studio 1er

My favourite. Cosy and beautiful studio. Excellent teachers. You even are served tea before and after you practice to settle down, relax, or bond with other yogis. You can rent a towel and a mat for 2 euros. Shampoo, body lotion, soap, hair band and deodorant are all furnished. However, it’s non-vegan nor natural, just as a disclaimer.

The particularity of the studio

They use infrared light that heat the room up to 25 degrees. It helps to prevent injuries, gain in flexibility and detoxify the body since you sweat quite a lot! The yoga classes are dispensed with a motivating and inspiring playlist which makes yoga more fun and more enjoyable for your friends that still believe yoga is boring.

Teachers recommendation

If you have the opportunity, go practice with Alex Avila for a dynamic and funky class (told in French and English), with Manon for a challenging yet soft class, or Carole for a soft yin class.


There are 3 YUJ yoga studios all over Paris, one in the 7th arrondissement, one in the 17th arrondissement and one in the 1st arrondissement.

Plus +

The staff is so kind and will help you to find a yoga class that is suitable for you (and I am not saying so because I worked there at the desk at some point haha while I was still in Paris). They also sell their own ethical yoga brand YUJ yoga if you want to purchase a new yoga outfit and try it you can do it before or after your yoga class.

Minus –

Probably the fact that the hair-care and beauty products they offer for you to use are neither natural nor vegan although the brand is ethical. So you might want to bring yours!

Yoga Tigre Club

Shooting in La Défense with Stéphanie

The most known, I believe. The approach of yoga is quite traditional yoga in high-end facilities. Everything is included in the price: yoga mat, towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc…) Great if you plan to go out just after haha!

The particularity of the studio

Yoga Tigre Club offers a variety of yoga practice, from Iyengar to Ashtanga Mysore, even Kundalini or Yoga Nidra. So if you are used to a particular style, you’ll find it for sure. Or maybe even try a new type of yoga? Up to you 😀

Teachers recommendation

I recommend Cyril for Ashtanga Mysore. Then I found Iyengar was maybe not my type so I wouldn’t recommend this class but if you are used to it, please go for it!


There are Yoga Tigre Club located all over Paris. Really. I was used to going to Yoga Tigre Club Chaillot but you might consider to go to another one.

Plus +

My favourite vegan café of all times Wild and the Moon is located in the studio. They have the best acai bowls I have ever had. They also same Lululemon yoga clothes so you can have a look at the outfits if you arrive early for a yoga class (what would probably never happen in Paris lol).

Minus –

I found that the staff wasn’t particularly welcoming, especially for my first venue. And when I was asking questions, I felt like I was bothering them. Not so friendly and talkative indeed but that’s perhaps a strategy to let silence in before the practice lol!

Chez Simone

Upside down yay!

I love this one! Not only for yoga but for the good vibes and the cosy atmosphere of this Parisian apartment. You read well it’s not a casual yoga studio but a flat where you can move, eat and nurture your happiness with high energies. They also have a burning ballet class that I deeply enjoyed and boxing and HIT if you are keen to try something different.

The particularity of the studio

The mindset. I know the co-founder, the blogger Aurelia alias @jesuisbonne and she’s all about moving and eating well, but also to be indulgent with yourself to live a fulfilled and balanced life overall. I also feel once you step in Chez Simone apartment, you’re a part of a community so it is may additionally be a good way to make some friends with common interests.

Teachers recommendation

I loved the Olivia for the burning ballet classes and also for yoga. I saw there is also candle yoga on Friday night that I would have loved to try but I ran out of time.


The “apartment” is located 226 Rue Saint-Denis.

Plus +

They have a café inside the “apartment” and there is always something vegan on the menu! Also, all is included in the price you don’t have to worry about the mat, the towel or the beauty care (shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser) that also appeared to be ethical and cruelty-free! Yay 🙂

Minus –

Maybe the fact, that there are not that many classes. But that’s not the price to pay to keep the concept small and have a cosy and friendly atmosphere, I guess. So you just have to organize yourself accordingly and cope with it.

That’s it! I hope this article will give you some clues to find the yoga studio that suits you. If you to step in one of these please let me know 🙂


With my yoga teacher friend Manon 🙂


Best vegan cafés and restaurants in Paris

Are you looking to eat vegan in Paris? You are in the right place as I’m about to share with you my favorites and affordable vegan spots in Paris —which also happen to be my favorite city in the world and not only because the large offer of vegan food I swear 😆Let’s start with…

Wild and the Moon

My current favorite place to go is the organic and plant-based café Wild and the Moon. It was founded by a French Women, Emma Sawko, that I really admire. It’s like a Starbucks in a healthier version since you can find these cafés all over the city and you can work from there. They mostly offer non-processed plant-based and organic food yet very yummy such as salad bowls, cooked meals, amazing and crazy bowls (açai is my favorite at the moment – see picture below), and unusual and delicious drinks (go for the characol latte it’s lit).

Açai and Blue Magic Bowl are my fav’s!

Additionally, they don’t use plastic since the packaging is made with corn derived material and it’s entirely compostable. You can fin all the different adresses right here! Count between 5 and 15 euros for a drink or a magic bowl! + great place to work as very calm and has good wifi connection! Enjoy 😉

Aujourd’hui Demain

Damn we talk about a places I love sooo much that I feel so emotional! The second place I want to introduce you to is a vegan concept store that I found thanks to the best fashion blogger in town Lucyness. Get ready to find vegan junk food as well as relatively healthy food (still it’s not like Wild And The Moon I have introduced you above). There is also a vegan grocery store (where you could literally do your food shopping — except for fruits and veggies), a vegan cosmetics and makeup section and an amazing selection of vegan clothing in the same place. Pretty much anything you might need when you are vegan, isn’t it?

It’s fairly expensive. Depends what you get. This magic smoothie below costed me 10 euros. Count about 20 euros for a burger with a drink.

Celebrating my 3-year veganiversary at Aujourd’hui Demain 🙂

The address is 42 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris, France.

Hank Burger / Hank Pizza

Last but not least, Hank restaurants are great for whoever wants some vegan comfort food. There are two restaurants, one only with burgers and the other only with pizza. Choose the good one 😉 Nooo just kidding since there are literally next door so you can check-up the both and make up your mind on the spot! Also, I would add the it’s the best place to convince your non-vegan friend that veganism is definitely not boring! Finally, it is not very pricey as the menu starts at 13 euros. Bon appétit!

Caption written both in French and English! Test your French 😉

Le Potager du Marais

You may think… »but wait we came all the way to Paris and we don’t even get the chance to taste to the French gastronomy since we’re vegans? » Wait. I have got a good news for you. Le Potager du Marais offers a range of veganised French dishes, and they do taste great! So head there if you are looking for a vegan French culinary experience. Plus, they are located in the hipster district, Le Marais. Can by pricey but worth it!

Well, those are my favorites vegan spots in Paris but you’ll find hundreds more on HappyCow. Also, I haven’t been there but my friends say Breathe Restaurant and Le Potager de Charlotte are also great. So you might want to try these ones too.

Thank you for reading me, I hope you’ll find this article useful and most importantly, enjoy your stay in this fabulous city!


What to do in Paris during the summer for free

After 3 years living in Paris as a student, I discovered plenty of activities that you can do for free in Paris and that roll over each year. Not only are they cost less but they happen to be my favourite animations.

Hope you find a glimpse of magic and that you’ll be experiencing one of them this summer or the next summer as they are reconducted over the years.

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